With all the website design software that is availabe today, anyone can build a website. Building a website that works is not as easy.

is it browser compatible In order for your website to "work" it needs to load consistently in all browsers, on both MAC and PC platforms, and in all screen resolutions. It also needs to load quickly... in 30 seconds or less.

Make it easy for people to get to your content.If your customers have to wade through endless screens to get to what they want, they will quickly give up. Remember there is no such thing as a website thatís too straightforward.

is it browser compatible Not only does your website need to load quickly and consistently for all your website visitors, but your website needs to convey the right image and the right message to trigger a response in your target audience, your potential customers.

Your website needs to do all that in just 30 seconds or less because the back button - and your competition - is just one click away.

Take advantage of the unique characteristics of the medium. The Web is an interactive, real-time, two-way medium. Lose sight of this and you will soon have a "ghost site" on your hands.

According to a survey by Consumer Web Watch, the factors online shoppers use to judge the credibility of a website when deciding whether or not to buy are;

    » "Design Look" (46.1%) and
    » "Information Design" (28.5%)

A Website isnít just a "cool" thing to have itís an essential asset that can work double-duty to help your business succeed.

When it comes to your bottom line - website design really does matter.