Should You Design Your Website Yourself?

Should you design your website yourself, or should you hire a developer? The answer lies in your knowledge, and how willing you are to learn new skills.

Have you ever read the Dr. Seuss Classic, "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins?" Poor Bartholomew has been ordered to take off his hat before the king, but every time he removes a hat, there is another hat still sitting on his head! He removes hat after hat until, finally, Bartholomew reaches the hat to end all hats. A magnificent splendor of a hat. A hat so truly decadent that it leaves even the king in awe. So magnificent that it puts the king's crown to shame. Bowing before the king, Bartholomew places the hat on the king's head.

can you wear all the hats? A successful website designer must be able to wear the hats...

  • The website designer must wear the layout artist's hat in order to develop an eye-catching layout and visual appearance for the website. Remember, most consumers judge credibility by the design of the website.

  • A successful website designer must add the programmer's hat to write the code so the website loads quickly and consistantly across all browsers, platforms and screen resolutions.

  • A successful website designer must also be able to wear the marketer's hat to know what will sell.

  • and the copywriter's hat, to write effective website copy...

  • and the publicist's hat to publicize the website...

  • and the promoter's hat, to promote the website...

  • Under all of those hats, is the one magnificent hat to end all hats - the customer's hat. The customer's hat is the most magnificent of them all because the customer truly is "king." Without customers, your business cannot succeed. Thus, a successful website designer must know and understand the customer, what they are seeking, and what they respond to.

How many of those hats could you wear today? If you are willing to learn to wear all those hats, then by all means - develop your own website.

If you do not have the time or the interest, then you need assistance. Whether you learn the skills, pay for those services or barter for them - know that you need all of them in order to succeed.

Building your own website to save on the cost of development is not a saving if your site does not bring in customers and generate sales.

Your potential customers will judge you by your website. They will decided whether or not to buy from you based on your website. They will decide whether or not to even bother contacting you - based on your website.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur. It will cost you much more in the long run.

This article was written by, and republished with the permission of Linda Caroll.